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What areas do you service? 
We service Utah and the surrounding states.

How do charge for your construction services? 
Once the contract is approved and signed we require a down payment of 50% of the project. For smaller projects the remaining amount is due at completion. For our larger projects the remaining balance is billed on a monthly basis for the amount of work completed.

Are you licensed? 
We are fully licensed and insured.

What kind of warranties do you offer? 
We warranty our workmanship for one year and honor all manufacturers warranties.

What kind of maintenance do ponds require? 
On a weekly basis you will need to do things like; empty out debris from the skimmer basket or net, remove dead leaves from the water plants, weed out any string algae and add bacteria. Sometimes you will need to spray off your filter in your skimmer. On a yearly basis you will need to give your pond a “spring cleaning”.

Do you offer spring and fall maintenance services? 
Yes, we offer these services on all of the water features we install. We do not service water features we have not installed.

Do you have to bring your fish inside for the winter? 
No. You do need to give them at least two feet of water, oxygenate the water, and keep a hole in the ice allowing naturally produced gases to escape from under the ice.

Is a pond a mosquito breeding ground? 
Mosquitoes will generally only lay their eggs in still, stagnate water. If mosquitoes happen to lay eggs in your pond, a couple of things may help control this. One, your water is constantly moving and being turned over into the skimmer. And two, your fish love to gobble these guys up. There are also many products that you can add to your water to kill the larvae as well.

Can I use a timer on my pond pumps? 
Yes if you have a pondless water feature. No if you have a pond. A pond is an ecosystem and needs to have oxygen. If you shut your pumps down at night you do not have sufficient growth of beneficial bacteria to fight algae blooms.

Are ponds dangerous for children? 
We can install our ponds where there is not a direct drop into the deep part of the pond. We excavate shelves that gradually lead to the deepest part. The first shelf is only an ankle high, the next shelf is up to your knee and then into the deepest part. As with any body of water we recommend you make your neighbors aware of the water garden and educate your friends and children about water safety. You also have the option of the pondless water feature. We can make this very child friendly and shallow so that your kids could play in it.

Can I build a pond under a tree? 
Yes. You will have more leaves in your pond in the fall, but the shade provided by the tree will help minimize the algae bloom in the summer. We also install skimmers in our ponds. This skims the top quarter inch of water of your pond and will pull most of the leaves and debris into a net.

Will putting gravel on the bottom make it hard to clean? 
No. Rocks and gravel offer a natural offer a natural place for aerobic bacteria to colonize and set up housekeeping. This bacteria breaks down fish waste and debris that would otherwise accumulate and turn into sludge.

How much evaporation is normal? 
The amount of water loss through evaporation in the spring and summer with our temperatures and low humidity is about 3 inches a week.

How much do pumps cost to run every month? 
It depends on the pump. On the average we use solid debris, submersible pumps that cost between $20.00-$60.00 per month to run.

What if I don’t want fish and plants? 
Then a pondless water feature is for you. This gives you the sites and sounds of a stream and waterfalls without the maintenance.